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Companies both large and small are faced with serious losses that affect the Bottom Line from various internal and external ‘threats’ such as Theft, Fraud, Robbery and Collusion. In addition Companies have to spend large amounts of money on security resources to combat losses.

In response to the requirements of our clients, Chandel Security Services was formed in 1994, specializing in CCTV covert and overt installations and monitoring of incidents. However due to recent developments the Company has expanded its field of expertise to include various other specialized services such as Security Audits, Risk Assessments, Alarm Monitoring, Special Investigations and the placement of Security Manpower.

It is our ability to conceptualize and implement pro- active Risk management solutions and strategies to combat losses thus improving the profitability of Companies, thus making us a market leader in the retail loss management sector.

As a result of their vast wealth of skill, experience and potential the founding members and their team, most of whom have a combination of Retail and Industrial Security backgrounds are able to offer professional solutions on a National basis to virtually any Security related need. They are committed to giving our Clients real value in quality and service, and our team is available on a twenty-four hour basis to assist you.

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