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  • Risk Assessments

  • Investigations

  • Special Event Management

  • Integrity Testing

  • Trolley & Cleaning Services

We are able to do extensive Security and Risk assessments of your premises and systems to establish the degree of “risk” that your Business is exposed to. We provide the following:

  • Security Audits
  • System Analysis
  • Threats Analysis
  • Vulnerability & Critical Points
  • Pro-Active Measures & Strategies

These audits and assessments allow our Clients to take pro-active measures to combat and prevent losses from occurring. All recommendations made by our risk assessment are optional but give you invaluable information that will allow you to make informed decisions about the level of security needed to protect your business.

We are able to do a thorough analysis of procedures by identifying vulnerable and critical points, the identification of weaknesses, threat analysis and a comprehensive plan to combat the various threats.

We offer full covert camera investigations (digital or analogue), which include the provision and installation of the camera system, monitoring of the recorded events and a full report and edited version of the evidence. Clients are able to monitor Staff productivity, breach of procedures and criminal activities. The evidence produced is used successfully in disciplinary and criminal prosecutions.

Our investigation services also include a team of investigators who gather all the evidence and statements of a particular incident and they liaise directly with the appropriate law enforcement agencies in order to follow the case through from commencement to completion. The benefit of doing external investigations is that the clients are assured of a comprehensive independent factual report, which is often misguided by internal investigations.

In addition to offer standard investigation services we also offer the following specialized services:

-                Polygraph Testing

-                Interrogation

-                Handwriting Analysis

-                Background Checks.

We make use of various specialists in the above fields to ensure that only the best results are produced. We have extensive knowledge to advise on which service to make use of for a particular incident.

•Sporting events
•Corporate events
•Music & international events
•Crowd control
•Professional chaperones
•V.I.P  Protection
•Government protection

Polygraph & Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Services

•Honesty maintenance
•Periodic or specific incident investigation
•Supported / ongoing process
–Criminal checks
–ID. verification
•PSIRA accreditation (registration, training & grading)

•Trolley collecting
•Cleaning of trolleys
•Effective supervising of manpower
•Regular site visits with control checks
•Recovering of  trolleys
•Scrapping of trolleys
•Administration and control of trolleys